We are a Technology Provider with strong
track record in the Wireless Communications area

In a world faced by new challenges, the need to communicate quickly and securely to groups, even in the midst of emergencies or disasters, is increasing every day. Silicon Vendors, OEMs and integrators want to win significant market share of this opportunityfor Private, Professional and Critical Communications.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute has published several standards to ensure interoperability of equipment from different vendors operating in this space known as Professional (aka Private) Mobile Radio. (PMR)

However the expertise to develop the complex software covering Digital Signal Processing and Communications Protocols is daunting, and is near impossible for many vendors aspiring to enter this field. Given that the software for PMR is extremely complex and involves mathematical skills, software development expertise and telecommunications knowledge, assembling a team forthis software development is an extremely difficult proposition, not to talk of the high cost involved.

Sigtech Wireless was founded to help Silicon Vendors, OEMs and integrators in the PMR space circumvent this problem. Led by the founders’ long track record of developing software for PMR, Sigtech Wireless develops and licenses DMR and TETRA protocol Stacks including the DSP software and the underlying reference hardware designs.